Anyone who decides to take Levitra will open up many new opportunities. In essence, the benefits of the drug can be well described with the following points:

  • You can achieve a harder erection
  • An erection can last longer
  • The sex can be enjoyed better
  • Your partner has more of the act

Of course, these benefits also always have something to do with the individuality of erectile dysfunction. Although some men achieve an erection for a short time, they can not sustain it afterwards. For them, as experience with Levitra shows, the sexual enhancer is just as well suited as it is for patients who are no longer able to build an erection.

All in all, the intake of Levitra thus ensures a completely improved sex life, which offers some advantages in the long run. Anyone who deals with the benefits quickly realizes the potential hidden behind the drug.


Taking different potency supplements may also interfere with Levitra. For this reason, Bayer informed in his drug in great detail about the various hazards that are present in dealing. The experience with Levitra shows how important it is to inform yourself in advance in order to exclude further risks. First, Levitra must not be used together with other power resources. Furthermore, preparations such as various antifungals or nitrite-containing drugs and alpha adrenoceptor antagonists may cause problems. Antiarrhythmic drugs in combination with Levitra can also lead to cardiac arrhythmias.

There is also a somewhat unusual interaction with the PDE-5 drug Levitra from grapefruit juice. This is due to an enzyme contained in the beverage. As a result, the vardenafil can no longer be broken down as usual in the body, which can lead to various side effects.


Furthermore, there are a number of different conditions under which Levitra should not be used. It all starts with an allergy to the active ingredient contained, or even the associated adjuvants. Furthermore, patients suffering from damage to the liver or kidneys should first seek detailed advice from a doctor. This has to do with continuing to ensure the orderly dismantling of active substances.

If the patient has suffered a stroke or heart attack in the past, the experience with Levitra shows that it is better to stop taking it. Even a very low blood pressure or extreme hypertension are conditions that speak against taking the drug. Basic caution is required in the case of various impairments of the heart. The same applies to various types of cancer, as well as a disorder of blood clotting, which may be present.