If you look at the effects of Levitra from a scientific point of view, you will quickly experience the effectiveness of the drug. It is an agent that belongs to the group of so-called PDE-5 inhibitors. This is due to the active substance vardenafil, which is contained in the tablets in different dosages. It is similar in its chemical structure to the substrate cGMP, which is otherwise decomposed by the PDE-5 enzyme.

If it comes to a sexual arousal, cGMP is automatically distributed in a cascade by the body automatically cGMP. This results in a relaxation of different muscles and thus the increase of blood circulation in the genitals. Once the state of sexual arousal is achieved, an erection can be achieved. Due to a potency disorder such as erectile dysfunction but this is often no longer sufficient to achieve an adequate sexual erection erection.

Now the active substance vardenafil, which is contained in Levitra, is taken up.

The enzyme responsible for the degradation of the messenger cGMP is from now on inhibited in its work. The consequence of this is a higher concentration of cGMP in the blood, which lasts longer from now on.

As a result, more blood may flow into the penis for a period of several hours, which, in conjunction with sexual arousal, may allow an erection to be achieved. After four to six hours, the inhibition of the enzyme is finally no longer sufficient to continue to enjoy the effect.

Side effects

It is particularly important, as experience with Levitra shows, that it is the appropriate application of the drug. First, the appropriate dosage remains one of the most important prerequisites. However, individual factors such as body weight and overall response to the drug also play a role in the assessment. A doctor initially takes a detailed examination of the respective clinical picture. Furthermore, now a low dosage is chosen to provide security against possible side effects in dealing with the drug.

Furthermore, it is important to find the right timing for the intake. Men who have a Levitra experience know the meaning of this point. Sexual intercourse should, if possible, be carried out at the time when the concentration of the active substances in the body is highest individually. This means that a certain threshold should be adjusted. The manufacturer Bayer describes the onset of the effect of Levitra after about 30 minutes. Patients should, however, pay close attention to how long the drug now takes to develop the effect. If possible, however, it should be taken 30 to 60 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse.

The tablet form makes taking Levitra even easier. The tablets should be taken orally with a glass of water. On the one hand, this ensures a better distribution of the active ingredients in the body, but at the same time it can reduce the risk of side effects when using the medication. The appropriate application of the power means remains a point at which really everyone should orientate something when dealing with the topic.